I coach senior executives who use their influence and responsibility to make the world better. My clients are oriented toward gratitude and generosity and care deeply about their development.

Charles’ purpose is to coach senior executives who are oriented towards gratitude, influence and responsibility, to make themselves and the world better.

Transforming Performance

Transformation is a scary concept. Despite knowing it is inevitable, we resist change on the most visceral level. But we know that the challenges we face demand new levels of performance from us. There is no avoiding it. Meeting the demand means transforming performance — behaving our way into new ways of thinking, action, and results. I know that you have the capability to step up and step forward to address tricky new circumstances. This can be unexpectedly liberating. With the right processes, you can invent and adopt new and better ways of leading.

The most successful organizations embrace change as part of their culture – responding to change so ingrained in their day-to-day operations that doing so is almost routine. To these businesses, adapting to change is simply the voyage from one destination to another. My approach to executive coaching, developed over more than 30 years of experience, helps leaders harness their own and their organization’s inherent ability to create change through learning and adaptation.