In the last blog post in this series on Balance I want to talk about the magic word, “No.” Being CEO and thriving in the role means saying, “No.” The word establishes a boundary: “this, not that.” Strategy and culture are also about “this, not that.” Your values too. Your life purpose, is again, “this, not that.” Your calendar as well should be about “this, not that.” Boundaries are choices you make based on contexts you have created. They protect your energy for what is most purposeful, most important. They protect your relationships from inauthenticity, force, and manipulation.They protect your strategy from dissipation and your purpose from cynicism and resignation.

If your calendar feels like someone else is trying to run your life, that may be the reality. It’s vital that you say, “No” and take back the authorship of your life, both personal and professional. If your job serves your life purpose, you owe it to your aliveness to continue. If it does not serve your life‘s purpose, you owe it both to yourself and your organization to step aside. If you are not yet clear about your life purpose, join the club. Knowing is not as important as discovering. What can you become and contribute if you pursue the role of CEO as a vehicle for expressing your full humanity?

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