Senator McCain’s campaign made use of social networking this morning by posting a question on LinkedIn. The question is below, followed by the answer that I posted.

What is the biggest challenge America faces?

Our country is faced with challenges as we enter into the 21st century. I am prepared to effectively deal with these challenges and lead our country as President on Day 1. Please let me know what you view as the biggest challenge America faces and how you would like your President to address this challenge.

Our biggest challenge is reestablishing the integrity of representation in our government. This requires reducing the influence of big money on our political representatives. To do this, I would propose dramatically increasing salaries for congress ($1mm a year) and the President, elimination of private campaign contributions and extremely stiff sentences for corruption (minimum 10 year sentences). This would allow highly talented people to be attracted to the job of Senator or Congressional Representative, while reducing the expected benefit of serving special interests over the general interests of constituents.

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