The other day I had a conversation with a client who is going through a challenging time. As I was doing my morning routine, I found myself thinking about our conversation. My experience of her is that she conveys respect for other people in the way she listens and interacts. It’s in the attention she gives and the care with which she listens. It occurred to me that she also is worthy of this respect.

Whenever we are stuck, our sense of being stuck is valid. It is worthy of our attention. One part of yourself is trying to be heard by another part of yourself and it’s not easy to hear. It’s not an easy message, just as tough feedback from your spouse or your team is not easy to hear. Somethings are in tension, two poles on a spectrum. Maybe these are self-expression and safety. Maybe these are action and observation. I don’t know. But somehow, I suspect that you do.

I hope you give yourself the time and space to reflect and overhear yourself in this internal dialogue. It’s worthy of your attention.

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